The MILA develops and manufactures a wide range of products for Italian and foreign companies operating in all distribution channels of cosmetics. We prepared to make a varity products to meet the needs of small companies or for market testing.
We offer customers:

- Automatic lines, specialized for production and packaging of:

    1. Trichologic products
        1. care and hygiene for hair
        2. the styling
        3. the finish

    2. Dermocosmetic product, for care and hygiene of:
        1. mouth
        2. visage
        3. body
        4. hands
        5. feet

In the forms of:
    • Detergents
    • Emulsion (milks, creams, gels, ointments)
    • Paste
    • Suspensions
    • Aqueous and alcoholic solution

All these lines are characterized by a high elasticity of production, and Mila are able to manage small and large batches and products in various formats.

- The water for the production of bulk is treated using a reverse osmosis system and a particular antibacterial filters.

- Routine microbiological tests on bulk and packaged products

Cosmetic products can be:
        • made on the formula and using the processing methods defined by the customer;
        • formulated and developed by Mila, quite exclusive and customized according
          to the requests of the customer. Appropriate sampling follow the various stages
          of product development to enable the customer to verify and change the
          characteristics of the product itself.

Each cosmetic product provides also:
    1. Datasheet detailed and exhaustive from which the customer
         can find specific and essential information for sale.
    2. Certificate of Microbiological Analysis,
    3. All products will be printed with legislative requirements.

Mila is able to formulate, by request, cosmetics that can be exported throughout the world by respecting the different laws in force in each country according to legislation previling.
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