Founded in the mid 80s Mila S.r.l. gained outstanding experience in formulation, development, production, packaging of a wide range of cosmetic products thanks to a continuous, direct relationship with customers and suppliers.
Mila has a very flexible production and it can satisfy small, medium and large companies with very high quality standards.
Its location in the suburb of Turin makes it easier logistically to have good relationship with it’s partners.

Our company today boasts strong business relationship with Italian and foreign cosmetic companies playing a leading role in the industry.

Quality, efficiency and flexibility are the main specialities of Mila, the company is always committing itself to guarantee the customers and to improve them. We care constantly about the current formulas update and about new cosmetic’s research, in order to have always an up-to-date, innovative and safe product. We built a specialized department for development and research, always available to customers which is free consulting so that we can suggest, the best formulas for any type of product, also BIOCOSMETIC, and it can provide adequate and accurate information on cosmetic legislation in force. Every single lot is severely tested on chemical-physical and microbiological standards and each packaging phase is subject to thorough quality checks to ensure an optimal service.
For us it is essential and imperative that every customer, big or small, can always find an adequate answer to its needs.
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